Dry Cleaners’ Tips For Taking Care Of Clothing

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Dry Cleaners' Tips For Taking Care Of Clothing

Looking after your clothing can be very simple and easy if steps are followed and if tips are taken into consideration. A good indication on how to deal with your clothing would be to look at the labels that are put on the clothes by the manufacturer. If you are not sure what each label or symbol means, look it up so that you know exactly what each symbol means and what the consequences of each symbol mean.

Dry-cleaners offer many services and they have a lot to do on a daily basis, therefore, you can play a part in somehow making their job just a little bit easier, there are many tips for homeowners and everyday people, and these tips will help you look after your clothes and will help you to try and avoid those horrid shrinkages, dye mistakes, colour shrinks and so many more, because let’s be honest – we have all experienced one of those dilemmas.

It should also be remembered that you should be taking care of your clothes daily and these simple six tips that will be listed below will help you make your dry-cleaners job that much easier. Plus, it’s extremely easy for you to follow these tips to ensure that your clothing is taken care of.

Clean your clothes regularly. If you don’t wash your clothes regularly, there are many things that can go wrong when it comes to the condition of your clothing. After all, you wouldn’t want that beautiful sweater from granny to go stale, would you?

Do not use too much detergent when doing your washing. When too much detergent is used, it can cause more issues than just the common “Oh no, there’s no milk in the fridge!” dilemma. Many companies make a tonne of money because

of the overpricing of detergents; when you do not even need that much detergent for a load of washing, therefore, a tablespoon of detergent is more than enough for a load of washing.

Zip your zippers and avoid that Velcro. Zippers can destroy some of your finest pieces of clothing. Therefore, you should try and remember to zip them up before throwing those ripped jeans in the washing machine. By doing so, you reduce the risk of the zippers snagging onto another piece of clothing.

Washing your clothing in cold water is a mistaken belief. It has been said that cold water plays a role in the colourfastness of clothing; shrinkage occurs in the drying of the material and not actually the washing of the material. If you think that a colour will run, it probably will – trust your gut on this one.

Hang dry whenever you can. Doing this can make a difference and can help immensely in preventing shrinkage. If more people dried their clothes on a washing line, there would be less pain in the knowledge that your favourite shirt has shrank and you can no longer wear it; whether it be on a date or even to the mall for a shopping venture.

Remember – some stains require a professional. Sometimes when your life is busy and you have more important things to do, rather just call a professional to remove a tough stain. Don’t waste time and energy on something that is almost impossible for you to fix. Also remember – dry cleaning is part skill, part chemistry, part time, and part magic.

Although many things can be dealt with in your own home (especially by a mother), never hesitate to call a professional if something goes wrong with your favourite piece of clothing. Dry-cleaners are there to help you and they are there to try and take the load off for you. If you follow these tips, you will be doing yourself, as well your dry-cleaner a favour.

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